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About US

We are a New independent business created in 2020 and run by mum and daughter. Year 2020 brought significant changes to our lives and we were impacted like everyone else.

These difficult times have made us realise how much normal life means to us, how important it is to stay connected and how the happiness and comfort of your home can make a big difference.

Having spent more time inside the ultimate luxury is being able to enjoy your place during these unpredictable certain circumstances whether that’s brightening up your living space or changing your design with new refreshing furniture and decoration!

Being environmentally friendly has become a huge part in our everyday life and having a green home can not only help save the environment but also make you feel great about yourself as well as reducing your home costs.

Check out our eco-home collection!

We decided to start an online store to bring our customers together and deliver a variety of unique, eco- friendly and great quality home products to your door so that you can relax in the happiness and warmth of your own home.